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Choya Umeshu Plum Wine
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Choya Umeshu Plum Wine 750ml
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Item#:  3698
Reg. Price  $17.99
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Winemaker Notes
Choya Plum Wine is a premium plum wine imported from Japan with real Ume-plum fruits in the bottle. Umeshu is a traditional Japanese aperitif/dessert wine. Enjoy Umeshu on the rocks, Umeshu tonic or simply pour small amount of Umeshu over vanilla ice cream to enjoy a unique Ume flavored dessert.

Average Rating: 
  based on 8 Customer Reviews

Review On Oct 3, 2012 by Anonymous of Lynchburg, VA
Title: Choya Plum Wine
Comments: I was given a bottle of Choya Umeshu Plum Wine for my birthday. As I sit here in front of my laptop, with my glass beside me, I can think of only two words-Yum Plum! I was curios about the fruit in the bottle, si I speared one, bit into it and was transported to a really good place. I don''t remember seeing it in any of our local wine shops, but i will search it out and share it with all my friends.
Thank you friend, for gifting me my first bottle!

Review On Oct 23, 2010 by Evangelista of Nashville, TN
Title: #1 brand in Japan
Comments: This is the #1 brand of plum wine in Japan. While I''m used to buying it in a paper carton while I''m there (since it''s cheaper), the glass bottle version is just as good. This english language version is identical to what they sell in japan save for the labels being in english. Any other brand of plum wine that you can buy in the US is not plum wine. The taste of this is almost identical to home-made plum wine (home made is a tad smoother) that is made in most Japanese homes- thus why it is probably so popular there.

You cannot go wrong purchasing this. It is the best plum wine you can buy in Japan and America (or anywhere else for that matter), and Jericho sells it for close to the same price that it is sold for in japan (it is about $11.50 in Japan for this exact same thing), and t

Review On Sep 1, 2010 by Anonymous of New York, NY
Title: Simply delicious
Comments: Tried this for the first time last night with my best friend and we really enjoyed it. This is a must have in the wine collection! If you’re a fan of sweet wine this is definitely one to try.

Review On Aug 12, 2010 by Anonymous of austin, TX
Title: yummy
Comments: If I were to compare this to a traditional grape wine, I would not like it. However, I think of this more as an apertif than a wine, and as such, I love it.

I''ve tried other plum wines and they had more raisiny qualities, not clean and refreshing on the palate.

I like it over cracked ice with one of the plums as a garnish.

Sweet, light, refreshing, fun.

Review On Mar 17, 2010 by Ruth of Akron, OH
Title: Choya Umeshu Plum Wine
Comments: Simply delicious. It''s sweet with a small hint of sourness from the ume fruit as you get to the bottom of the bottle. It goes great with fruit, sushi, and rice.

Review On Feb 14, 2010 by Marguerita C of Doral, FL
Title: Love it
Comments: Took it to an office lime and everyone loved it..... :)

Review On Feb 1, 2010 by Apollo Clark of Atlanta, GA
Title: The best I''ve found in the US
Comments: I''m a fan of good wine, and desert wines in particular. If you like sweet wine Rieslings, Muscat, Port, Madeira, or Sangria, you''ll love this. I''ve tried four other brands available in America, and this is by far my favorite. Very sweet, almost like syrup, refreshing, but not overpoweringly sugary for my palette. Serve chilled for a more subtle taste, or room temperature for a fully body; after any meal, particularly spicy or light as an aperitif.

Review On Nov 24, 2009 by Anonymous of Lexington, KY
Title: Choya Umeshu
Comments: DELICIOUS!

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