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Castello del Poggio Moscato d'Asti
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Castello del Poggio Moscato d'Asti 2017
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Item#:  5088
Reg. Price  $14.99
Our Price:  $11.99
You Save:  $3.00 (20%)
Tasting Notes
Sweet but not at all cloying; well-balanced and with an extremely refined fruitiness.

Winemaker Notes
Fermentation is allowed to progress until the wine has obtained 5% alcohol. Then the grape's natural sugar content is preserved by refrigeration in order to give the wine its unique sweet and aromatic characteristics.

Food Pairings
Excellent at the end of a meal with desserts or fruit (especially fruit salad). Also delicious with ice cream ,or just on its own as an accompaniment to conversation among friends.


Average Rating: 
  based on 88 Customer Reviews

Review On Mar 7, 2015 by Johnny Best of Killeen, TX
Title: Loved It!
Comments: I tried this wine two Christmases ago when I went to VA to visit my aunt. She had a bottle or two, we sipped, and I absolutely loved it. When I got back home to TX, I had to ask her again what was it that we were drinking. She sent me the website via fb. I plan to order this by the case if the local wine store doesn''t carry it. Great wine!

Review On Nov 7, 2014 by Anonymous of fort worth, TX
Title: love it
Comments: For the last few yrs we have purchased this by the case. Tried it in a restaurant & loved it. we always have a chilled bottle on hand for any occasion.

Review On Oct 8, 2014 by Anonymous of Denver, CO
Title: Love this Moscato
Comments: This one isn''t so sweet it takes''s got a great taste cold and no bad after taste. I love this so much!

Review On May 3, 2014 by Doris Graham of Springfield, MO
Title: Moscato
Comments: Love it! Love it! Love it! No other words needed!

Review On Dec 29, 2013 by Anonymous of dayton, OH
Title: Castello del Poggio
Comments: The best d''asti Moscato I''ve tried. 5% Alcohol.

Review On Dec 23, 2013 by Anonymous of NC
Title: Great
Comments: Best wine ever

Review On Dec 20, 2012 by Wine Lover of Hickory, NC
Title: Great Moscato!!!
Comments: I too, tried this for the first time at Olive Garden and I''m very choosy when drinking any kind of alholic beverage. This was out of this world!- Very sweet, light, and fruity but with an elegant twist! I bought a bottle for Christmas Eve. You have to try it!!

Review On Nov 16, 2012 by Anonymous of Lakeland, FL
Title: Ms.Q
Comments: I''m a wine drinker,moscato is my favorite of them all now this particular brand is one of the best I had so far,castello del poggio is the best.I try alot of brand of Moscato D''Asti none top CASTELLO DEL POGGIO so far.

Review On Nov 5, 2012 by Anonymous of Edinburg, TX
Title: Maravilloso
Comments: im a tequila person but after tasting this in olive garden im a wine person for sure now. I highly recommended.

Review On Nov 1, 2012 by kimSC of Greenville, SC
Title: de.........licious wine lol
Comments: I''ve been back a few times to buy an would never buy online anywhere else they have the best my best to them

Review On Oct 29, 2012 by Alabama Byrd of AL
Title: Castello del Poggio Moscato d''Asti
Comments: I LOVE Castello del Poggio Moscato d''Asti But the only place I have been able to find it is by the glass at our local Olive Gareden. I so wish i could get this in a few bottles for the home. Hope you all have a fun SAFE and Blessed Day and or night. @AlabamaBYRD

Review On Jul 30, 2012 by Anonymous of marianna, FL
Title: perfect
Comments: i can not get any better then this wine here i am in love with this i first had it at the olive garden in Dothan AL and now i am ordering a case of it

Review On Jun 6, 2012 by Raye of charleston, SC
Title: moscato @ olive garden
Comments: This was the best wine I''ve taste! I had a bottle n that was enough!! lol

Review On May 21, 2012 by Patricia Cox of Mccalla, AL
Title: Great Wine
Comments: First tried this @ Olive Garden,it was awesome.My husband and I are not normally wine drinkers, but we both love this.Need to find where I can buy this in or around McCalla Al.

Review On May 2, 2012 by Anonymous of Dawsonville, GA
Title: Perfect
Comments: By far the best moscato I''ve ever had.

Review On Apr 29, 2012 by Dan Henry of Port Saint Joe, FL
Title: This wine is really what they say
Comments: Olive Garden must own the winery, because everybody that taste this wine goes crazy over it, especially normally NOT wine drinkers. My wife and I had the same experience as so many others. We almost rejected the sample, but WOW we didn''t and it really is some special wine. We stopped at two wine stores in Destin and they both recognized the wine as an Olive Garden specialty that they couldn''t get. Thank goodness for this internet wine company.

Review On Apr 18, 2012 by kimSC of Greenville, SC
Title: delicious wine
Comments: I''m not a drinker but sampled it @olive garden searched high and low for this, this, this bottle an I can only purchase it online great deal I will be a return to buy more

Review On Mar 25, 2012 by Anonymous of Findlay, OH
Title: LOVE IT!!!
Comments: First wine I ever wanted to take home. Tried it for the first time at Olive Garden during a $0.25 wine tasting. I never thought I would have wine in my house let alone be soo excited to drink another glass. What a tastey treat for the taste buds. Thanks to Olive Garden for opening my eyes to wine, expecially this one!! I have gone out & bought a couple bottles from area stores but not Olive Garden. I won''t pay $27/bottle when I can get it soo much cheaper at area stores. On average it ranges from $11-16.

Review On Mar 7, 2012 by Carole Lee Cushing of Armuchee, GA
Title: Of course its the best...its from Italy
Comments: I am not really a lover of wine, however I had a taste test at the Olive Garden and it hit the spot. I ordered a bottle and then went to find it in every store, liquor store, but to no avail. I am so glad I found this place. It has such a wonderful soft, fruity, taste and goes down soooo easy.

Review On Feb 25, 2012 by west of mount gilead, OH
Title: great wine
Comments: been trying to find a great wine to drink.. went to olive garden yesterday and sampled this wine perfecto about time too lol just the right touch

Review On Feb 13, 2012 by Anonymous of Belfair, WA
Title: YUMMM
Comments: I recently sampled this delightful wine at olive garden. I enjoyed it so immensly that I want to order some. Maybe I will find a ocal supplier

Review On Feb 3, 2012 by Janeen White of Opa-locka, FL
Title: My Favorite
Comments: I was not a wine drinker, because all of the wine I tasted previous were dry and left a terrible taste in my mouth. My husband and I went to Olive Garden and our server asked me, if I would like to try some knowing that I did not like dry wine my first response was No. The server convinced me that I would love this wine and I gave it a try...and I tell you he was absolutely correct. Since that time, which was well over a year ago I love me some Moscato. You have to be careful, because not all Moscato taste good. My personal very is the Moscato by Castello Del Poggio and my second favorite is by Barefoot, so if you have not realized by not I love me some Moscato.

Review On Feb 1, 2012 by Danaka of Winchester, VA
Title: Oh so yummy
Comments: I have tried so many wines over the years. I can never drink any because they are just not sweet enough and to tart. I went to Olive Garden the other night and had a sample of this Wine... I fell in love! Best thing ever!

Review On Jan 4, 2012 by John of BC Canada
Title: Moscato
Comments: I sampled this fine pleasure of a wine at the Olive Garden here in Langley, BC, Canada & it is the best white wine I''ve ever enjoyed. You have a delicate fruity flavour that is as easy to drink as water.

Review On Dec 31, 2011 by Tomeka W of TX
Title: Best Wine Ever...
Comments: I love this wine... My family calls it Liquid Gold.

Review On Dec 14, 2011 by Anonymous of Tracy, CA
Title: Moscato
Comments: I''ve been trying to find a wine I could enjoy for several years now. Went to Olive Garden & sampled this Moscato. I finally found a wine that''s fruity. Very delicious wine.

Review On Dec 1, 2011 by Jovita Fenwick of El Paso, TX
Title: Great for a night of relaxing
Comments: My husband and I love sharing a bottle of this nice, sweet wine on a laid back Friday night. I would recommend this to everyone! If you want to try it first, try it at Olive Garden.

Review On Oct 20, 2011 by Anonymous of Alton, IL
Title: Found My New Wine!
Comments: Went to Olive Garden and discovered this Moscato. I like sweet white wines, but this is by far the best I''ve ever had!

Review On Oct 15, 2011 by Anonymous of Port Wentworth, GA
Title: Castello del Poggio Moscato d''Asti 2010
Comments: My wife and I had a bottle of Castello del Poggio Moscato d''Asti 2010 , at an Olive Garden recently. ( $ 23.00 a bottel ). It was excellent, the best. But here is a bonus, the same grower has just made a red version called what else... ROSCATO a taste was all that was needed to say perfecto vino. Enjoy...the fruit of the vine !

Review On Sep 2, 2011 by Melissa of Decatur, GA
Title: The Best
Comments: My girlfriend brought me a bottle from MS, and she left it in my refrigerator. A couple of weeks later, my girlfriends and I drank it and it was the best wine I have ever tasted. My girlfriends here has asked me over and over what is the name. I took them to the liquor store and bought them a bottle. Now, we are all hooked. I am getting a couple of bottles tomorrow.

Review On Aug 21, 2011 by Anonymous of Tupelo, MS
Title: Great !!!
Comments: Normally, I do not drink wine, simtply because I don''t like it. This is the only wine that I have had that I truly enjoyed! Champagney but slightly sweeter. Suited my taste buds perfectly. I am going to buy a case, I want my friends and family to try it :)

Review On Aug 14, 2011 by Anonymous of Sterling, VA
Title: Works for my Wife!
Comments: This is my wife''s favorite wine... not a big wine drinker. This stuff does the trick every time. Awwwww yeah.

Review On Jul 3, 2011 by Chelsea of OK
Title: Great Wine
Comments: Last week, my husband and I were on our anniversary trip. While we were away, we went to Olive Garden where I tried this wine for the first time. I have never really been a wine drinker, but I am now trying to find a store here in town that carries it so that I can have some after dinner with my husband! The best wine for someone to try who has never really cared for too many wines before! Must try this one!

Review On May 19, 2011 by Anonymous of Tucson, AR
Title: Mmm good!
Comments: First encounter was at Olive Garden. Delicious!

Review On May 7, 2011 by mike of oklahoma city, OK
Title: best moscato
Comments: this wine is very good. it stays stocked in our fridge and it''s by far the best moscato d asti me and my wife have tasted. It''s easily found around oklahoma but sells out quickly. Best price and best taste i highly recommend it.

Review On May 4, 2011 by Anonymous
Title: Yummy!!
Comments: I went to Olive Garden with a friend recently and they had wine samples. I picked this one and it was absolutely delicious!! I''ve never really thought to buy a full bottle of wine, but I believe I will be purchasing this one!

Review On Apr 26, 2011 by Anonymous of Sanford, NC
Title: The Best Wine Ever
Comments: Had this at Olive Garden and it made my meal wonderful. Just the right taste!

Review On Apr 10, 2011 by Anonymous of Halifax, VA
Comments: Wonderful wine- had this at Olive Garden and i will definately be purchasing some. I had yet to find a wine i actually liked and this was great!

Review On Mar 22, 2011 by Anonymous of Wilmington, NC
Comments: I HATE most wines that I taste, almost 100% of the time. But, my boyfriend and I went to Olive Garden with some friends last weekend and this was the wine they were promoting. I didn''t take the free sample... but, after I took a few sips of his was ready for the whole bottle!

We have both been looking online for this wine since then, because we''d really like to have it at our wedding reception later this year. It''s perfect for every occasion and meal :) Will be purchasing!

Review On Mar 21, 2011 by Sandy of Wilmington, DE
Title: Moscato
Comments: Last month I had this wine in Florida at the Bone Fish Grille Restaurant. I love everything about this wine. The color, the fragrance, the sweet taste. With every sip it just gets better. It is so refreshing, it leaves you wanting more. Much to my surprise Olive Garden (here in Delaware) has it on their menu. I am going to buy a case of it for my next girl''s party. Thank you so much for bringing Moscato to the U.S.A.

Review On Mar 18, 2011 by Anonymous of tampa, FL
Title: great wine!!!
Comments: this is one on the few wines i can
enjoy with out getting a headache
due to the sulfites...what a great
wine all around.

Review On Mar 3, 2011 by Anonymous of Miami, FL
Title: love that wine!
Comments: Absolutely <3 it ...had it first at Olive Gardens and had it at my wedding Reception ...Everyone complimented on it!


Review On Feb 23, 2011 by Love4 moscato of Hammond, IN
Title: Delicious
Comments: I have tried many different brands on moscato and this one just takes the icing off the cake. I just love this stuff. i have tried to track it down in stores but still not successful yet besides Olive Garden. Anyone have any suggestions?


Review On Feb 23, 2011 by angela of tallahassee, FL
Comments: OMG! This is so good. I had this wine in Orlando at Oliver Garden and I loved it. we even brought two bottles of it. I wanted it so bad when I returned to Tallahassee couldn''t find it no where so I went on line and fought it on line and brought five bottles of it....THANK TO OLIVER GARDEN... deliciously good.

Review On Feb 14, 2011 by Anonymous of Atlanta, GA
Title: So Good
Comments: OMG! This is so good. I drink italian wine like Verdi but when I had this, it is deliciously good. California Moscato I can''t do.

Review On Feb 14, 2011 by Tamie Robbins of Rock Hill, SC
Title: best wine ever
Comments: We received this as a Christmas present and decided to open last night for our son cooked us a wonderful chicken dinner for Valentine''s and my husband usually does not drink but he loved this wine and we finished the entire bottle last night. That never happens with us.

Review On Feb 11, 2011 by Tony of Conyers, GA
Title: Castella Del Poggio Moscato d''Asti
Comments: I was introduced to this wine at Olive Garden. It was hard to find in my area unless you were willing to settle for the Castello del Poggio Moscato only in the liquor and grocery stores. However, I found Jericho Wines on Google and I order enough for friends and me whenever the cupboard is running bare. It is a great wine for non drinkers.

Review On Feb 8, 2011 by C.Conrad
Title: Love!
Comments: I have been looking all over for this wine. The stores that do sell it near me are always sold out.

Bought it from Jericho wine. Their prices including shipping is amazing. You pay about 15 dollars(including shipping) a bottle the same price as buying it from the store (plus tax). I will be buying more from this site! They shipped it to me so fast too. I ordered about 3 days ago and it already came today!

Review On Jan 11, 2011 by Anonymous of Hickory, NC
Title: Delightful!
Comments: I had this wine at a tasting and liked it so much I purchased a bottle. Wish I had purchased more, it is really lovely! Glad to know I can get it elsewhere, a very good value for the money.

Review On Nov 28, 2010 by Anonymous of rancho cucamonga, CA
Title: OH MY GOSH!!
Comments: This is seriously the best wine I ever have tasted! I''m not a wine drinker but when I tried a sample at Olive Garden I fell in love with it! Very hard to find it locally in stores, found it here and saving up to buy a case! So excited!

Review On Nov 25, 2010 by Anonymous of VA
Title: Castello del Poggio Moscato d ''Asti
Comments: Everybody loves this wine once they taste it!! So much better that the grocery store brands. I would recommend this wine to anyone.

Review On Nov 22, 2010 by Demetria Walton of Lawrenceville, GA
Title: Loved it!
Comments: I don''t drink and had a dinner party and this wine was brought and it was excellent! I loved it!

Review On Nov 18, 2010 by Anonymous of baltimore, MD
Title: Wonderful!!
Comments: I discovered this wine at Ruth Chris and like most of the people who have already reviewed this wine, I could not stop thinking about it. I unfortunately live in MD so can not get this wine shipped to me but I will be making a special order at a local liquor store to get this wine in my hands! Very sweet wine, perfect dessert wine or if you are like me, perfect for any meal!

Review On Nov 14, 2010 by Anonymous of SALIANS, CA
Title: WOW!!!

Review On Oct 17, 2010 by Tamka of St. Louis, MO
Title: Tamika of St. Louis, MO
Comments: I have never been a wine drinker, but this is one changed me. This is an excellent wine!

Review On Oct 11, 2010 by Anonymous of Rock Hill, SC
Title: Really loved this!!!!!
Comments: My aunt recieved this wine as a gift and we both fell in love with it. We had a hard time finding it until I found it here. This wine is sweet without the overpowering fruitiness of many other moscatos.

Review On Sep 14, 2010 by Anonymous of Brooklyn, NY
Title: Absolutley Love It!
Comments: This Wine''s the BEST! Love the sweet taste. Definetly a keeper.

Review On Aug 31, 2010 by Stephanie of Essexville, MI
Title: Love this!
Comments: I had this wine for the first time several weeks ago at Olive Garden. I had been searching local stores and making numerous phone calls to specialty wine shops in the area, and no one stocked it! I called Olive Garden directly and was told they had proprietary rights to this wine. I''m so glad I was able to find it here. I absolutely love it. I''m sure I''ll be making orders often. Thank you for the great stock and the great service. Your employees are great. I had to call due to a minor issue with my credit card not having my current address and she was wonderful!

Review On Jul 30, 2010 by Anonymous of Charlotte, NC
Title: Castello del Poggio Moscata
Comments: Tried this at the Olive Garden - FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got a case for my wedding announcement party!

Review On Jul 9, 2010 by Anonymous of Muskegon, MI
Title: Simply Amazing
Comments: Olive Garden offered this to me as a sample, and I thought it was amazing!! So sweet and delicious!

Review On May 17, 2010 by Pamela of Lake Havasu City, AZ
Title: Love It
Comments: We bought a Case and have shared with family and friends. Even the ones that never like wine (including my husband and I) love the Castello del Poggio Moscato d''Asti. We have found other cheaper moscato''s and they are not even close to this one. I am here to purchase another case of this awsome wine.

Review On May 11, 2010 by Anonymous of Chicago, IL
Title: Moscato
Comments: Also tried this wine at Olive Garden with my wife. She''s hooked!!! This is my 2nd order of multiple bottles. If you like sweet desert wines, this is the best!

Review On May 10, 2010 by Sharon Heaps of Schuylkill Haven, PA
Title: Wow! The non-wine drinkers wine!
Comments: If you do not like wine.....this is the wine for you! Tried this last night at Olive Garden for Mother''s Day/hubby''s birthday and it''s so so SO amazingly good! Sweet and do nice to drink, and goes with everything!

It''s nice that now I have a choice besides the same old boring zinfandel!

Review On May 7, 2010 by Alice Briggs of Myrtle Creek, OR
Title: Delicioso!
Comments: Like so many others, tried this at Olive Garden. Just ordered my second case through Jericho. Have tried several other moscatos and none of them compare!

Review On Apr 29, 2010 by kemartinez of Houston, TX
Title: Amazing!
Comments: I tried this wine at Olive Garden!
this wine is amazing!!! i never really cared for white wine but after one taste i was hooked! all i can say is if you havent tried it... its a must!

Review On Apr 28, 2010 by Juan of Miami, FL
Title: The best
Comments: You definetly need to try his wine .... It have a word of his own... Amazing

Review On Apr 18, 2010 by DANIY GURL of WASHINGTON, DC
Comments: I sent my boyfriend to the store for a particular Moscato, he comes back home with this, I wanted to hurt him when I saw it because it was not what I asked for, Thank goodness he was hardheaded that day, Im so glad he was THIS IS THE BEST MOSCATO EVER AND IM SO INLOVE WITH MY BABY FOR IT. BUT IT IS VERY HARD TO FIND AND ONLY AFTER LOOKING FOR IT HIGH AND LOW DID I FIND OUT THAT THIS IS OLIVE GARDENS WINE.

Review On Apr 14, 2010 by Rachel aka RaRa of Queens, NY
Comments: my friends and i had tasted this at olive garden. it was only a sample but i LOVED it. we all did lol. i always think about it. and you always hear moscato being mentioned in songs lol. i was like i must find the exact bottle i tried at OG. and here i found it! ordered me a bottle for my birthday this sunday. just got it today. =)

Review On Apr 14, 2010 by MNMascatoLover of Brainerd, MN
Title: Superb Wine for the price...
Comments: Wife and I thoroughly enjoyed this wine at Olive Garden. We''re going to have to buy it by the case. No one carries this in Minnesota.

Goes well with anything!

Review On Apr 11, 2010 by Anonymous of south riding, VA
Title: Once you have it.....
Comments: ...there''s no other like it! There are other moscato''s on the market, but this one is perfect!

Review On Apr 8, 2010 by Erin of Monroe, LA
Comments: I too like many other people had this wine at Olive Garden. I couldn''t stop thinking about it! It is amazing! I have told my friends and they are now ordering it! Not only that but the lady I talked to at Jericho Wines was very nice and helped me tremendously!

Review On Apr 3, 2010 by Anonymous of Hartford, CT
Comments: Had a taste at Olive Garden and absolutely fell in love, very hard to find this brand but the Barefoot Moscato was just as good, glad to know I can find it here too!

Review On Mar 24, 2010 by Nancy of Winchester, VA
Title: Moscato D''Asti
Comments: I had this at Olive Garden and LOVED it...I also ordered this from Jerichswine...Delicious!!!

Review On Mar 10, 2010 by Anonymous of Apalachicola, FL
Title: The Best of the Best
Comments: A friend and I were at Olive Garden and the waiter suggested the Catello del Poggio Muscato, WOW! I love a sweet wine and this is the best ever. I bought a bottle and plan on serving it this evening at a special event for my husband and I. Thank You, Olive Garden for suggesting/serving this wine.

Review On Feb 28, 2010 by Christine Cramer of Haynes City, FL
Title: Love it!
Comments: My mom and dad just tried this at Olive Garden two nights ago. They bought a bottle and we tried it tonight! Supberb! Very nice taste! I''ll buy it!!!!

Review On Feb 20, 2010 by Isaac of Phoenix, AZ
Title: Mmmmm
Comments: Finally! :) I also tried this during a birthday dinner at Olive Garden and I finally found a wine I like. Maybe I''m not sophisticated enough, but I always thought wine was disgusting...until I tried this one. Now I don''t have to be drunk to enjoy wine!

Review On Feb 16, 2010 by Alicia of Pueblo, CO
Title: Amazing Wine
Comments: We were at Olive Garden and wine was amazing. I do not like wine that much and if I do drink them, I like sweet ones. This was a wonderful sweet wine and only about the third wine I have even drank that I truly enjoyed.

Review On Feb 15, 2010 by Susan of Lebanon, VA
Title: Fabulous!
Comments: I love sweet wines and this one is the best! I had it on Valentine''s Day for the first time and it''s my new favorite. It''s sweet, smooth, sparkling and refreshing!

Review On Feb 10, 2010 by Anonymous of Antioch, CA
Title: Love the taste
Comments: Me and my friend tried this wine at the Olive garden, fell in love, had two bottles. I want more, tried to find it in stores but I guess I will have to get it here.

Review On Feb 2, 2010 by Nicole of Portsmouth, VA
Title: Excellent
Comments: I like to drink Port Wine, but I have to say this is the BEST wine I have had so far. I tried it at Olive Garden and they said it was promotional, so they gave my boyfriend and I a taste. Well all I can say is I bought the whole bottle! All the flavors compliment each other. Some wines have that one flavor overpowering the other or an after-taste. Excellent, just excellent!!!!

Review On Jan 30, 2010 by Liloo Dallas of Lehigh Acres, FL
Title: Love this wine!
Comments: I, too, was served a taste of this wine at The Olive Garden. It was my very first taste of a moscato and I must say it was a nice, well-bodied, sweet wine that left a nice finish. I immediately asked for a glass. It also went well with the dish I had. I hope I can find it in the stores here.

Review On Jan 30, 2010 by Anonymous of Clermont, FL
Comments: Thanks to Olive Garden for introducing this wine to me! LOVE IT!!!!

Review On Jan 25, 2010 by Tamra Van Hees of Dallas, OR
Title: Great Wine!!!!
Comments: Not much of a wine drinker but this is one I have fallen in love with. It has a flavor like no other. Highly recommend.

Review On Jan 23, 2010 by Christine of Columbus, NE
Title: WON ME OVER!!!!!
Comments: This moscato is awesome!!!!! I am a not a wine drinker but this one has won me over. We ordered for the holidays & before we knew it, we had consumed all of them. Love the flavor, great to have while spending the evening with friends & family. Will order again & highly recommend.

Review On Dec 24, 2009 by Jose of Chicago, IL
Title: One of the BEST wines.......
Comments: My wife and I tasted this wine and loved it''s sweet flavor. I found it here and ordered a few bottles for the family. They love it too.

Review On Dec 23, 2009 by Latisha of Dallas, TX
Title: Best Moscato on the Market!
Comments: I could find this wine in Houston and I didn''t know that it would be so hard to find in Dallas. I found it online and ordered it from Jericho Wines. This is the best Moscato wine on the market.

Review On Dec 21, 2009 by sorell tamez of Hollister, CA
Comments: My husband and I tried this wine at Olive Garden, we loved it. I''ve had a hard finding it but finally found it here.

Review On Dec 11, 2009 by Mike of Flushing, NY
Title: Wow! Best moscato wine!
Comments: I tried this wine in Oliver Garden. Both my wife and I love it. I had a hard time finding this wine, and finally found it here... You gatta try it, and you will like it too!

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